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We are an engineering team that is passionate about blockchain.
We challenge new things together for your success.

What We're doing?

We are expanding on the usability of blockchain. This will be a great challenge to enable mainstream adoption of public blockchain, and our mission is to accelerate this ongoing blockchain revolution.

Sevenline Labs has been carrying out missions since 2022 and is trying to increase the number of users for each project with each solution. It will make blockchain more valuable today and contribute to the expansion of usage.

How we work?

Sevenline Labs is a place full of experienced and actionable people. Our team is a very attractive team that can execute the customer's process immediately.

The important thing is not just to think, but to reach results.Our headquarters is in Korea, but we can work in the world through the network.

Interested to join?

We're always looking for exceptional talent.Check out our open positions, or just reach out if our mission, challenges and culture resonate with you.

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Contact us

If you are interested in our project, please forward your email address. If you deliver the email address, it will be delivered to our team. Our team will contact you by your email soon.

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